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Post by Bonnie Bennett on Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:27 pm

I'm sure some may have a simple question. What is roleplaying and how do you do it?

To summarize it, it's two or more characters going back and forth to act out different actions and dialogue in a certain scene/scenario with the character(s) he/she plays or the other person(s) involved in the specific topic.

For example, let's say my character Bonnie and Elena have a topic together. I'd set it up in a place (Homes, Airports, Hotels, etc), for the example, I'll use homes and start the topic there.

Once the topic is started, the person would see it and we'd take turns posting and it'd go something like this:

Bonnie knocked on Elena's door, wrapping her arms around herself. She was worried, she had a vision, and had a bad feeling Elena would be in danger. (Could be longer or shorter depending on the topic)


The person would then reply with a response and the two of us would continue to go back and forth for however long the topic goes.

Basically, it's you telling a story with someone else from your characters points of views.

If you want to do a topic with a specific character, send the person a message before starting it to clear it with them, other than that you can post freely as you want and if you don't care who comes into the topic simply put "Anyone" at the end of the topic's title.

Have fun, be creative and respectful.

Have any more questions feel free send the admins a message.
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